The Author

Having written since they were able to pick up a pen, Nathan Reese Maher has had a profound interest in writing throughout childhood which included attending several young writers conferences and even reaching out to TSR (Publishers of Advanced Dungeons and Dragons) about a manuscript at the age of 14 and receiving some very heartwarming advice from the editors there. 

Nathan attended the University of Iowa in pursuit of a Dance degree in Classical Ballet, which shifted back to their original love of writing after an injury prevented further advancement. In 2005, Nathan graduated with a BA in English Literature with an emphasis in Classics and Creative Writing. 

Their first book, "Secrets of the CitySpire - A Familiar Love Song" was published in 2010, and is well known for the following quote: "All is as if the world did cease to exist. The city's monuments go unseen, its past unheard, and its culture slowly fading in the dismal sea." Which has been cited in several independent works including art, poetry, video, photography and papers. The quote was even featured by Buzz Feed and hailed multiple times on World Goth Day. 

In November 2017, Nathan was awarded the Royal Dragonfly Book Award for 1st place in Middle Grade fiction for their book, "Lights Out - Book 1", a book which continues to be their highest selling book. 

In March of 2020, Nathan opened NRM Books and remains the purveyor of those haunting tomes. 

Nathan continues to write to this day, with several projects completed and waiting on representation or self-publication. They live in Tacoma, Washington with their amazing and highly supportive spouse and child.

Publishing Credits


"Secrets of the CitySpire - Book 1, A Familiar Love Song" 

"Rubberband Lazer - Or, The Adventures of Casey Norider and Jaq Synergy Vol. 1" 

"Porcelain Masques"

"Gothic Tales & Poems"

"Lights Out - Book 1"

"Lights Out - Book 2"

"Lights Out - Book 3"

"Lights Out - Book 4" 

"Lights Out - Book 5" (Pending)

"The Bleak - The Girl Who Fell Through the Floor"

"Blades & Ballet - Enemy of the Wind"

"Giselle" (Pending)

Tabletop Roleplaying Games

"Sticks & Stones - The Free RPG"

"Spooks! Welcome to the Great Beyond" 

"Spooks! Welcome to the Great Beyond - The Mortal Intrusion"

"Spooks! Welcome to the Great Beyond - Dead Living Magazine"

"Spooks! Welcome to the Great Beyond - Nor'Ever"

"Spooks! Welcome to the Great Beyond - Redcap Grove"

"Spooks! Welcome to the Great Beyond - The Sok Market"

"Spooks! Welcome to the Great Beyond - The Mad Cynic"

"Spooks! Welcome to the Great Beyond - The Bluebell Key"

"Lights Out - The Roleplaying Game"

"Lights Out - The House on Shoe Street" 

"Ravenloft - Dancers in the Mist"

"Ravenloft - The Wailing Sorrow"

"5e - Beneath the Floors and in the Walls" (Pending)

"Blades & Ballet - The Roleplaying Game" (Pending)

"AgeUp Core Rules" (In Playtest)

"Spectres!" (In Playtest)

"Spectres! - The Book of Breathing" (Pending)

"X-Grade" (In Playtest)

"X-Grade Yearbook" (Pending)

"Lights Out - The Roleplaying Game AgeUp Edition" (Upcoming)

"Lights Out - Shelly's Journal" (Pending)

"Faeries!" (Pending)

"Seaspace" (Pending)

"Seaspace - The Book of Stars" (Pending)

"Bookstone" (Pending)

"Bookstone - The Book of Books" (Pending)

Public Domain Revitalization Projects

"Winnie-the-Pooh: Collector's Edition"