Store Policy & Guarantee

Refund Policy - At present we do not accept returns. However, should your product be damaged beyond some printing discrepancies, show printing errors, not reach you, or you received the wrong product, please let us know immediately. If we agree with your reasoning, you may keep the product (if received), and we can either replace the product or send you a refund. If you encounter an issue with your purchase, please reach out to us at

Purchase Guarantee Policy - We guarantee that the products we ship to you are in the best condition, and/or are as described. We ship primarily using media mail, which is an affordable means to receive books. Should your order suffer some calamity or not reach you, there is no insurance on the products unless your order is over $50.00. Despite the lack of insurance, if something were to happen in transit, we will either refund you or replace the product. Should your order have insurance on it ($50 or more), we will contact the carrier behind the scenes and will still follow through with either replacing the product or refunding you. 

International Shipping - We offer international shipping, however we may be able to ship overseas utilizing Ingram Books Direct-to-Home shipping which is a more affordable way to ship. We do charge for global shipping and we encourage you to reach out to us at for a quote to shipping books to any address outside of the United States. Please keep in mind that not all books we carry are available through Ingram Books Direct-to-Home.

Covid-19 Policy - We keep the books on shelves away from high traffic areas and with little access to anyone outside our staff. At present, our staff is quarantining and are fully vaccinated as defined by the total number of doses available to the public. We do not use sanitizer, sprays or other like-chemicals due a risk of harming the books and other product. 

Courtesy Required - It costs nothing to be courteous to our staff. As a customer, should you conduct yourself in a discourteous manner, we will refuse your business. We treat all our customers with courtesy and expect the same in return. 

Shipping Timeframe - We have a 3-business-day shipping policy. This means if you purchase a product from us on Monday, we will have it shipped by Thursday. We aim to have orders shipped out on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, but sometimes things come up. As we slowly transition from online to a physical store, the 3-day business policy may change. Saturdays and Sundays are not business days, nor are national holidays.