Rubberband Lazer - Or, The Adventures of Casey Norider and Jaq Synergy
Rubberband Lazer - Or, The Adventures of Casey Norider and Jaq Synergy
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Rubberband Lazer - Or, The Adventures of Casey Norider and Jaq Synergy

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“The great thing about Earth is its unending stream of culture, broadcasting on multiple channels; a never ending source of entertainment—how lovely the rest of the universe gets to tune in for free.

I know you’re out there listeners, scoping out the latest info on the whole Earth deal. Some of you have even managed to get within petting distance, some have even sampled the dirt but old Emperor Coriander wants to keep a tight leash on his pride and joy: ‘Look, but don’t touch.’ You’d think the whole planet was under glass. But seriously now, you can’t blame us for being curious. Its human culture that makes the whole universe go round, it’s something we all can appreciate and it’s what makes us feel all fuzzy inside. 
On the other hand, perhaps it’s just the static.

Out on the space lanes, justice is divvied out by the rubberband lazer and woe to those who are allergic.”

Casey Norider is the Sheriff of Baum Prime, a distant country planet belonging to a race of munchkins. He and his appointed navigator, Jasper, have been a humorous force to reckon with. When Casey is given a secret mission, he finds that the cargo he’s tasked to protect just so happens to be Jaq Synergy, a newly graduated cadet, who is assigned to him as a future deputy. Mistaken for a witch, Jaq is forced to undergo several humiliating tests, to prove her identity. Not eager to take her on, for fear of making his one and a half crew uneven, Casey attempts to sway the High Command that her transfer was a mistake. Despite his protests, Casey is forced to accept Jaq as part of his crew. Only after investigating an illegal trafficking of human animals does Casey start to realize that there is more to this woman than he thought. Together they must face off against a pair of rhylonian thieves, a vengeful autopilot and a crazy horse.

In Episode 2, the crew is tasked with delivering medicine to help stave off a plague affecting the distant world of Hyper Khondrata. What would have been a simple delivery, turns complicated when the ship’s vhouldegards, tiny worms that allow space ships to generate wormholes, are sabotaged by a unscrupulous mop. Things get interesting when they discover a stow-away fairy, a Miss Kalei Scope, who claims to have been kidnapped and placed their by Casey's rival sheriff, Udo. When a simple gift causes one of the vhouldegards to increase in size and start rampaging through the ship, it is up to the crew to stop it before it eats everything in its path. To make matters worse, when a wish granted by Kalei goes horribly wrong, it is up to Jaq to set things right.

In Episode 3, the crew finally returns to Baum Prime, where Jasper is reunited with his munchkin kin. Yet there are nasty powers at work, as an evil witch, Ezimoni, has taken up residency in a local castle, determined to seek revenge against Casey for the murder of her sister. An adventure filled with magick, goblins, giant rabbits and an extra-dimensional professor, Casey and Jaq must confront the witch before she is allowed to turn her villainous powers against the munchkin people they swore to protect.

Dubbed, “…the next ‘Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’” by members of, Nathan Reese Maher brings us a bizarre tale filled with iconic characters, several one-liners and a whole lot of puns. The jokes don’t stop in this wacky adventure filled with aliens, fairies, witches and a whole lot of sheep.

*Triple-Poop Magazine says, “‘Rubberband Lazer’ is the s@&#!”

*Sticky Hands Book Review says, “I couldn’t put it down.”

*Five-Star Review gives, “Rubberband Lazer”, 5 stars!

*Double-Blind Critic states, “You’ll never find a book like, ‘Rubberband Lazer’, anywhere.”

*Disclaimer: Quotes may have been embellished, made up, or are otherwise untrue. Not intended to be malicious or misleading, but for purpose of hilarity.
  • Pages: 252
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