AgeUp Core Rules Playtest

AgeUp Core Rules Playtest

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This is the Playtest. It is in its raw form, with little edits, which is why it's offered for free. Editors will be hired at a later date, and multiple self edits will take place as the months roll on. This is not in its final form, and will change. 

Welcome to the AgeUp Core Rules Playtest! The AgeUp Core Rules contains everything you need in order to run a game powered by the AgeUp system. Like many tabletop roleplaying games, AgeUp allows you to build your own unique character and play in a world of your own devising or you can play in one or many campaign settings designed for the system.

This game is compatible with campaign settings such as:
• Spooks! Welcome to the Great Beyond
• Lights Out - The Roleplaying Game
• X-Grade
• Faeries! And the Invisible World
• SeaSpace
When creating a character, players have the choice of playing as children, teenagers, adults, elder adults and elders. Further, as young characters age in years, they gain additional talents to assist them during play.

This game features:
• A leveling system which increases ability scores and has no limits.
• A point-buy skill system.
• A card based wound system which also can be used to boost rolls, utilizing only a poker deck.
• 14 Character Types to choose from.
• 5 Social Circles to join which provide new talents.
• A tarot based magic system.
• A simplified inventory system.
• A quick monster generation process.
• Easy to match challenge system for both skills and monsters.
• 14 animal statistics, 7 common folk entries, and 1 example for Angels, Demons, Faeries, Monsters and Spooks.

The power to create worlds is in your hands!

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AgeUp Core

It seems pretty though out, well written and looks like a lot of fun to play sometime.